Sunday, August 18, 2013

Packing the FUN stuff! When you're on your way to have a BABY!

Ah, Baby day!
What an awesome day!
You've been waiting to meet little Junior since the moment you peed on the stick and a little PLUS sign appeared! And then peed on another 57 of

I see a lot of " What to pack for the hospital" blogs ( usually done by Moms on their second babies. Still aWeSoMe, but let this seasoned birther give you a few extra hints!) and I am surrounded by GLOWING pregnant woman ( a couple happen to be my SISTER IN LOVES!!!)
I wanted to share with you a few tricks of the trade for NEW mommas!

It does not matter if you forget EVERYTHING else. These woman may be wiping your rear end as you push, may get YOUR amniotic fluid in their face, may get thier knuckles brooken by you squeezing their hands, may have to smell your pickle relish/ cheese curd/ peopperoni pizza breath and we all know they WILL see you Va- Jay! Jay!
So, please, be kind to these woman ( and your DOC, of course!) and bring in donuts, cookies, candy, whatever sweetness deliciousness you can find, BRING IT!
It will make changing your messy bedding easier for them :)

2. Sport a nursing tank!
When I checked in to deliver numero 6 ~ I asked if I could wear a nursing tank.
The Nurse said, " I think you can wear whatever you want!" JaCkPoT!
I delivered my chubby, precious, cutest baby boy ever created in that, and started the nursing ASAP! And it was so comfy and great to know that when visitors came, I didn't have to worry about those dang hospital gowns ( which all ready are a fashion NO NO!) slipping open and revealing my beautiful new nursing boobs!

3. Bring treats for the LITTLE visitors!
In my family, I am BLESSED with 8 nieces and nephews, then throw my 5 munchkins in the mix and you get A LOT of teeny visitors! Plus friends with kids!
I made this little tootsie pop treat thingy! I just painted up a little flower pot I hand't used in a while and put a styrofoam ball in it and poked tootsies in! It worked great to help subdue little's in a small room!
Other times, I have brought in a basket of color books and crayons, small cars, dolls, bubbles, etc! Just go to your Dollar Tree and fill up on those things that keep them pre- occuppied!

4. Bring yourself some snacks!
The cafeteria in our hospital closes and then, no more food. That can seem daunting to you when you are nursing, because after you go through labor, and start nursing you may feel like your appetite increases even more so than when you were pregnant!
So - pack some healthy snacks and some chocolate...

5. Fun Family Picture Stuff!
Before I had my son, I made numbered shirts for the kids to wear to the hospital to meet him for the first time! They turned out cute and made for great memory photos!

6. I'm sure there are A LOT of other important things, like camera, toilteries, babys first outfit, babys leaving hospital outfit, nuks, blankies, video camera, your husband ( don't forget him!) but, I'm pretty sure you know all the basic stuff. So, I just wanted you to know the ' other ' stuff that made the stay easier. Oh! Oh! You can bring a CD player, too! I liked listening to music, rather than having the TV for back ground noise while I stayed after the dellivery ( Yes, I need back ground noise! Do you remember how many kids I have?! Its essential!)

So, Don't forget the important stuff ~ but remember all the fun memory makers, too! 
Have fun giving birth :) 

xoxoxo Shaylyn
( and Baby Michael, without whom, this blog would not  be possible!)
 P.S. Sorry about all the spelling errors! This Blogger is NOT letting me go back and correct for some reason...reaon may be that I'm computer illiterate and am probably just not doing it right, but, I'd like to think  it was the bloggers fault :)