Friday, May 13, 2011

I'm Leaving My Husband & Children...


You heard me! That's right! Don't TRY to talk me out of it! I'm outta here...
Ever have one of those nights?...days....hour! Haha! 

By leaving...I mean, leaving to just get the heck outta dodge for a run, walk, shopping spree ( with all the coins you dug out of the washer for the last two years and any un-expired coupons!)

I have heard more than ONE gasp, when I freely share with other mothers that I leave once in awhile! The look of stunned emotions, and sheer disbelief  that I would leave my children, fruit of my womb, bone of my bones, flesh of my flesh and go OUT and DO something! 

Sometimes it sounds like this, " YIPPEE!" or the squealing of the tires and stray cats dodging for cover as I nearly miss them with my Bridgestones going full speed down the road. Or it can sound like sobbing children, begging me to stay because, they LOVE me so much. Either way, it sounds like, FREEDOM to me. Yep, I said it. Don't judge me. You know if you had a chance and could shake the 'mom guilt' feeling that sweeps over you like a Nebraskan wind on an open plane, you would do it too. 

If you are a 'Stay at Home ' mother and have literally taken that title to the extreme measure that your children will immediately die of starvation if you even walk to the mailboxes, let me encourage you...THEY WON'T! And you will be better for getting out.

And if you're really lucky...take that man you married ( you remember him, right? The guy who helped make Junior and Sally...) out on a date. Shave your legs ( FOR GOSH SAKES!) put down the seats in the minivan and hang a little sign on the door..." If the Vans a rockin', don't come a knockin'..."

Enjoy a night out once in awhile :) It truly makes you a better mom, gives you that extra splash of patience and you really, truly do remember that you miss that little crusty- boogered face, with dirt smears and ketchup in the corner of his mouth baby, that you thought surely would never survive for ten minutes without you.

Over the next few blogs, I want to dig into Proverbs 31 and really see what God's word is calling us to do as woman who follow and serve him. I'll be doing this in chunks. So, follow along as I too, learn more about what God created us to be as moms, wives, sisters, daughters and HIS creation!  

*No children where hurt in the making of this blog. Children and their parents are encourage to have many family fun nights together and Parents are encouraged to love them whole heartidley.If you leave for the evening and your child suddenly becomes sick and throws up, please do your babysitter a favor and return home. If you expierence any weakness and abdominal pain upon leaving the house and dining out, please do not try the Chinease place again. If these symptons persist it is likely you will not get 'lucky' on date night and therefore you may want to seek an additional date night, for the following week.  Please consult someone fun, before going out so you can be assured you have a great night. If your fun last more than 4 hours, pay the sitter extra.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Happy Mother's Day, Mom! Now here's your complimentary stretch marks, saggy boobs and 'Wide load rear end'!

Mother's day is upon us!

I think us mother's should be kept in a category quite close to Jesus Christ himself. We are selfless, sacrificial and our body has been crucified ( i.e. post pregnancy). We are spit on, sneezed on, puked on and peed on. We are not found humorous, when we do our goofy dances, but found hilarious when trip with arms full of grocery bags and spill them across the drive way. We are car pools, and fishing turds- out- of- the kiddie pool moms. We are wearing our shirts backwards sometimes, because we have so many little people to get ready, we forget to get ourselves ready. We are showing up late moms, because newborn decided to test ( and win) the 'Leakguard protection' GUARANTEE on the package of diapers we bought. We are hiding while we eat a piece ( or in my case...BAG) of chocolate, from our tiny chocolate radar detecting munchkins, just so we don't have to share with 4 - 5 other chirping mouths! We are moms, who once where against it, would do anything to be able to afford a boob job! Because honey, this MOM  would love a bra that lifts and separates, NOT sorts and fold!

We are moms, we rock! 

Oh, yes. We do.

So, here's to all the moms that have rocked my 'Mommy - world' just by being in it! Have a great mother's Day and remember, you inspire, create, love and encourage all of us to be better!

Here's to the mom who cleans up blueberry puke on white carpet at 1 a.m.-Heidi Z.

Here's to all the working moms, that work all day, come home and still find time to love and cherish their kids, make dinner and maybe sweet lovin' to their husbands!
-Kary J. Jenny O. Katie D.Kim S. Ali S. Kaylie S. Heather Z. Heidi Zi. Elisabeth D.Nicole M.Teri T. Shannon G.Tanya B.Karie G.

Here's to the moms who crack me up and keep my light hearted! - Lisa R. Lovie B. Ann R. Rochelle V. Melissa H. Diana N.Mary A. Jenny E

Here's to the mom, who someday, if her house isn't flooded first, and the ceilings DON'T cave in from water damage, will have a plumber son, who will get paid good money to play with toilets!- Tara C.

Here's to the mom who's adorable, blond headed boy, threw  a smoothie in my house, and she stayed so calm and cool as her and her hubby cleaned a purple mix of fruity goodness off my walls, and continues to grow in patience and kindness as a mom - Lindsey Z.

Here's to all the moms, that thought 'outside of the box' and went beyond their families and children to bring love to orphans, and care for them and raise them with the same love that our father in heaven loves us with! - Sarah M. Christine N. Jodi M. Michelle W. Brandi G.Stephanie S. Steph Z.

Here's to the moms, who encourage me to eat more chocolate and take it easy when life gets too tough! - Trina T. Jessica T.

Here's to the (almost new moms) or just became new mommies! I love watching you bloom into this beautiful creation, called 'Momma' - Abigale M. Savanna D. Valerie R. Sarah K. Jennifer B. Charity B. Fritzi M. Stephanie C. Ashley K. Anne N.

Here's to the moms, that have brought a step child under their wings and guidance and treated them no less, than a perfect match and fit in that family - Joni G. Jodie H.

Here's to the mom, who sold all her baby stuff, swore there would be NO more and found out she was 3 months pregnant with number 4! Addy has been the biggest blessing to her momma's heart and changed that family only for the better! Lisa G.

Here's to all the homeschooling moms, who put their heart into all they do, even when it's tough and the world is throwing stones, you stick to your beliefs and the love of your kids, and do what so many of us couldn't! Deni Y. Gretchen I.Heather H.Gina C. Kara L. Rebeckah K. Becky R. Janyl A.Ruth J. Heidi Z.April T. Tricia S. 

Here's to all the single moms, who do it all! Wipe butts and take names! Lisa M. Dawn S. Kayla S. Tami S.Ricarda B.

Here's to all the Pastor's wives, that show me that God has called us to more than macaroni, but to train up our children and foster that love for Jesus! Jen B Jen J. Sue A. Rachel L.

Here's to some of the smartest moms I know. They could change a diaper and give you a scientific name for the 'stuff'. I usually can't keep up with you when you talk, but you are some smart ladies and I am too blond! - Rychel W. Gina H.

Here's to the mom, whose kids are grown, but she takes on the grandbaby, because no matter what season of life you are in, love is always blooming! - Marie M.

Here's to a mom, who has more babies in heaven to hold, than here on earth, but continues to touch the hearts of so many because of her losses. - Shelly A.

Here's to the mom, who does it alone, because her husband is serving our country and she supports our freedom, and does not selfishly hold him back, but encourages him and is proud of the man that he is!- Shannon C.

Here's to the moms that could come over, when I'm in my p.j.'s, folding laundry, sink full of dishes and still have morning breath, and they would not judge me, but laugh with me about the pig sty I live in! - Kerry H. Brittany I.

And here's to the moms, who inspire me by the way they love on their babies and are always encouraging me!
Marie M. Melissa F. Kathlyn G. Bekah B. Jenny F. Heather J. Susie W. Jessica H.

I hope I didn't forget anyone...If I did, 'Mommy brain' can be blamed!

Here's to me...a mom... up past bedtime ;) Good night lovely mothers! You done dang good! Happy Mother's Day! I love you !

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

The Tragedy of a BIG FAMILY...

Growing up, I dreamed of having several children, and a big barn to keep my husband in...( I was 7 , sheesh! Things have changed!) 
I had 'real' babies, and played 'babies' all the time, because if you called my babies, 'dolls', you would get the stone cold silent treatment, followed up with tears and a sassy lecture! Which would end with you apologizing to make things right and never, ever calling my babies, dolls again!

Over the years, I have noticed my 'opinion' on BIG families has changed quite a bit. And although, at times I can't handle the four I have, ( admit it! Even if you have JUST ONE, it can be hard to handle!) the thought of a big family hasn't left my heart.

With five pregnancies and 4 live births in 6 years, my husband and I have started praying about if God would allow us the blessing of another child. If it was His will and not just us wanting another baby.

Our reasons for NOT wanting more, where simple...selfishness;
1. We all ready have our hands full with 4
2. We'll have to get a bigger vehicle.
3. The girls are getting bigger, where we can just up and leave and not be so tied down...
4. Less FREE time with another baby, attached to my boob.
5. Big families seem to get wildly out of control.
6. The & clothes! 

I had observed 'Big' families and saw a lot of them that I really admired...and then those that I did not.
I am not a 'Where's my kid? Oh well..." kind of a mother. Who would rather let other people deal with the discipline of my children, because they are running wild and I have NO idea where they are.
Or the 'rolling of the eyes' mother...who gets the 'rolls' when her kids are making such a clatter and being such a disturbance, that everyone is  HOPING you'll decide to get your tubes tied before your next ovulation!

Although, I am sure my 4 have caused the above, I probably just haven't realized it! 

I really , really struggled with this decision...should we or shouldn't we?

I prayed and we prayed and he prayed...nothing. We gave ourselves time limits and basically gave God time limits. And the more we prayed the harder it was to parent the 4 we had. Everything kept coming up! Puking kids, everyone waking up all night, disobedience at it's worst, sassiness, in general, all the bad and none of the good in child rearing!

But, we handled it. Even if I wasn't perfect, even if he wasn't perfect, we still handled it.

And no joke, one day a peace came over me and it was as clear as day, " Yes, we should have more!"

Why? Because there is blessings in our children! The bible Say's so! Doesn't mean they can't cause pain and trials, but the bible promises that they are a blessing!

As my awesome cousin Kerry Horn's Pastor said, " If God gave you a financial blessing, would you say, 'no thanks God.?" Absolutely NOT! You would empty your purse of any tampons, lipsticks, loose change, stamps and expired coupons and say, " MORE PLEASE!!!"

Well, children are MORE of a blessing from God than any amount of money.

And I am pleased to announce, that about a week later, Jared got the same peace from God.

I didn't push it or beg, because I knew if what I was feeling was from God, that he would feel it too. In fact when he told me that he wanted more, I really questioned him and threw out all the 'worst case scenario's!' He did not care. He was ready to receive that blessing that we have had before and continues on with our children now.

Now, this being said, we are NOT pregnant, but we will try. God may have other plans for us, I do not know. I am just letting God know that we are willing to go there again, if he chooses to use us that way.

I hesitate to share this news because I know 'everyone has an opinion' and if you compare us to the Duggars, I will have to hurt you. Please keep your nasty opinions to yourself. What's right for us, may not be what God has called from you. Big families are NOT for everyone and Rude comments are NOT for me!

The 'Tragedy of a Big Family' is mostly the greed that is deep seeded in our hearts, the want for more...more money, more time, more me! I don't judge people for small families, that may be where God has placed that family. But, If you're only reason for having 1.5 kids is because you can't go out an buy a new snowmobile every year and you want to retire at age 50 with a nice condo up north, then I would really, really check what your idea of a blessing is.

Following God and abiding in His word is the best blessing! Listening to the heart of God when he calls to us, is the best blessing! If you have children, they too, are the BEST blessing! 

p.s. I really like the Duggars :)

Friday, April 15, 2011

All the Pretty Little Christians...

Lined up in a row. Wearing our Sunday Best. Smiling. Laughing. Trying to impress...

It has become very apparent to me in today's society and in Christianity alike, ONE thing goes Hand in hand...the popularity contest we are all out to win. Don't step on toes, don't make me uncomfortable and whatever you do, don't scare the 'HELL' out of me...

When we step out of our homes and into our Church, what is the goal?

To make as many friends as possible? To impress Leaders, Pastors and Deacons? To be known as the ' Spiritual one'? Or is our goal to be the ear that listens, the smile that invites the new person in or the heart that beats like Jesus'.

Pew warming is out of style!

I challenge you, Sisters in Christ, to break out of your comfort zone and take your church, town, state...heck! Go BIG! Your WORLD, by storm for Jesus!

I know life gets busy, I know seasons in our life make it perfectly easy to sit back and say, " I can't right now..." but, you CAN! The smallest acts of kindness can bring the lost soul to Jesus, if you are a willing vessel.
Days when you know you'll be stuck home. PRAY! Ask God to send you a single mom who needs a sitter. Make a batch of cookies for a shut in. Email a friend some encouragement. DO SOMETHING with this life God has given you to glorify HIM! No more excuses! He didn't BLESS you with a husband so you could use him as an excuse to stay home and never reach out. He didn't BLESS you with children, so you could use them as an excuse to piddle away your days! He blessed you above and beyond, be a blessing!

God has BIG, HUGE, GIANT things for your life- when are you going to strap on the safety belt, throw your arms up in the air and enjoy the ride?! Now is the time!

" The harvest is plentiful, but the laborers are few."

Reap the harvest! Go out and change your world! Even if it's the small 'world' around you! And next time I see you, I'll be asking, " How have you changed your world, for Jesus today?" 

Don't waste another second twiddling your thumbs and being bored.  God is busy kickin' butt and saving this world from the evil sin that ensnares us. Saddle up, get ready and kick butt, too!

Thursday, April 7, 2011

My Kid's have been...(gULp!) ...FRAMED!!!

It's true. I am ONE proud momma of my little 'framed' babies! 
One thing when you have kid's that you will learn is; Paper, paper and more paper! You will get more paper than you knew there where tree's to produce it! 

I really, really love my kid's art work! I am not claiming that they are the next Van Gogh, I would actually compare some to's slightly abstract...but, as a mom, I love watching there different art ( can we call it that?!) styles, but finding a way to display them has been a chore. My mom used to joke that she would display ours, "Nicely behind the couch! Where the sun can't fade it!" Thanks mom, for the good - old fashioned self- esteem booster!

I seen this idea at a friends house and swooped in like a seagull spying on box of spilled fries in an Arby's parking Lot!

Finding random and unique frames in my basement or at garage sales, I popped the backing and the glass off and spray painted the desired color. The glass removal makes it super easy peasy to remove art work when you want to display the latest best seller!

Behold...the 'Hall of Fame' as I would like to call it!
( I have this in our hallway, so I couldn't get a good camera view of the whole thing, but basically randomly placed picture frames and other art/crafts adorn this wall, here's just a few individually)

My kid's LOVE showing off the 'Hall of Fame!' They are as proud as a peacock to show off all their 'cool' art and crafts! I'm pretty proud,, if you come over...HUMOR ME! Haha!

This frame was for sale for 2.50 at a garage sale and after I practically died laughing at the guy and his piece of junk, started to walk away, he changed his tune to .50 cents! 
I would like to add, the TOP picture in that frame is 'Yours Truly' by the talented hand of Halle girl...Aren't I a sexxy beast?! ;)

You seriously don't want to know how many times my kids asked to eat this!
This frame rocks my brains out! Found it at Goodwilliam ( that's long for 'Good Will') and I LOVE the shelf on it! Perfect for displaying dinosaurs (obviously!)

 You may not want an entire hallway to dedicate to your blooming artist, but for real folks, rejoicing over their little awards, ribbons and scribbled pictures makes a teeny heart burst with joy!

p.s. our fridge and dishwasher are also covered! What?! We have super talented kids! Hahahah!

Monday, April 4, 2011

Housewife FairyTales....

Shhhhh! Don't tell my hubby, but I've been dating! It's not what I expected it to be. Not as much fun as I once thought it was when I was a girl. Well, here's the scOoP!

I made a date with the duster...
But, was less than impressed! And for some strange reason I kept sneezing! I must have been allergic to something he was wearing!

I made a date with the Dishes...
But, Boy O' boy! What a greasy mess! I had to always clean up after him, and he was always," Too Hot!" or "Too Cold!" Never happy and no matter how hard I tried, so spotty!

I made a date with the laundry...
It was exhausting keeping up with mis-matched emotions and sorting things out! Under pressure, he folded. He was so frumpy when we went out, and all ready had wrinkles! I was glad I quit him, it really took a load off!

I made a date with the toilets...
But, I couldn't stand the crappy language and potty mouth! And the stench! I flushed that dream real quick! 

I made a date with the vacuum...
Finally, I thought I found TRUE LOVE! But, turns out he sucked just like everyone else! 

I made a date with a dark, smooth stranger...
It was BLISS at first! I loved his KISSES and felt every time we where together we where flying off to MARS or the MILKYWAY! But that relationship was bringing me down with baggage and heavy feelings, so I  stopped seeing him and got a membership to the gym.

I think I may go make a date with a warm bath...

P.S. dark, smooth stranger is chocolate! Just verifying!         

Sunday, April 3, 2011

But, why does it have to hurt so bad...?

Sometimes things happen. You run out of gas. You stub your toe...really hard!(What?! We've all done it!) You lose your job, money get's tight, you have a bought with sickness, your heart gets broken, your child dies...wait...

Yeah, bad things happen. Horrible things. Things that you don't want to ever imagine, things that make it hard to get out of bed and face another day, things that make you feel like you can't get your head above water, things that make you wonder, ' Is there even a God?! And if there is, WHY is He letting these bad things happen?!"

I can write this with tears streaming down my face because I know loss. In just a short few years we lost my husbands Grandpa, Aunt & Grandma. We lost  2 of my Uncles, Grandpa and Grandma, and we lost our baby. (explained in my blog titled, 'He knows your Name, He sees each tear that falls'/October 2010) 

We where good people! We loved each other! We went to church and served! We where trying to raise our kids right! Why? We never hurt anyone...we don't deserve this...

I can assure you, nobody does. I recently heard a well known minister speaking on this subject, "Why Does God allow suffering"  and he said three very powerful words that I think sometimes us religious uppety uppers, don't want to say. He said, " I don't know!"


You mean God isn't punishing you for being a bad, bad person?! Don't act as if you've never kicked the dog! And He knows what you where thinking when your covetous heart lusted after your neighbors stainless steal appliances( Were all woman here! You know you want some!;) 
But I do know, God has a plan.* He has a plan to use your sufferings if you will allow him. He can make all things beautiful in his time.* He can take your broken heart and piece it back together, ever so gently, making sure he gets every tiny, broken piece and use your once broken heart to change a life. He breathes life into what feels like your heart that has stopped beating. He can hold you in *perfect peace and give you just the strength you need to calm your *anxieties and shush your fears. He can. And He will.

Beautiful Sister, there is a love that reaches down, past our filthy hearts, into our souls, that's says, *" Quiet. Know me." He's there. Even if the pain and questions are overwhelming you to the point where you can't even see through your tears.He's there. He still loves you when your empty words are screaming, "Why?!" And you wish you could just see the answers and know there is a reason. He knows.

He's there and He knows. 

Lay it at the foot of the cross. Come to Jesus. Feel His peace and be wrapped up in His everlasting love and give the pain that is crippling you and the hurt that you are suffering through to him.* He will carry your burden and make your load light.

* "The Lord keep you from all harm - he will watch over your life; the Lord will watch over your coming and going  both now and forevermore" Psalm 121:7-8

* "...So also through Christ our comfort overflows..." 2 Corinthians 1: 6

* " You will keep in perfect peace him whose mind is steadfast, because he trust in you. Trust in the Lord forever, for the Lord, the Lord, is the rock eternal." Isaiah 26:3-4

* " Be still and know that I am God." Psalm 46:10

* "Cast all your anxiety on Him, for He cares for you." 1 Peter 5:7
* " Come to me, all you who are weary and  burdened,  and I will give you rest. Take my yoke upon you and learn from me, for I am gentle and humble in heart, and you will find rest in your souls, for my yoke is easy and my burden is light." Matthew 11: 28-30




Friday, April 1, 2011

Breakfast at Tiffany's...or My house!

I used to sleep until the last minute, drag my buns outta bed, when the first little peeper started yelling, begrudgingly moan that I need, TEN MORE MINUTES ( ok! I still moan about that!) and plop some sugar flakes with red dye #5 and high fructose corn syrup things called marsh mellows, into a bowl, let the kids eat infront of morning cartoons(maybe that's why I was crabby, Barney at 7:30 a.m. just ain't happenin'!) and wondering why they became so hyper after breakfast! Hmmmm....I wonder?!?! 

Since my oldest started full days at school, my time with her has become very thought out and precious! I have really wondered how I can make sure she starts her day out right, here's what I came up with;

1. A good breakfast!
Some people may say it's spoiling them, but I want my kids to eat good, so for breakfast, I become a Restaurant! I know! I know! Bad mommy!!! But, I love it , so judge me! 

I ask the girls the night before what they would like for breakfast, and mark it down on a little chart I have. The options are magnetic and stick to the fridge, so they can be easily changed daily.

 Here's the chart.
 The different breakfast magnets are super easy to take off and put on! And that way , I remember in the morning what they wanted! 

 I made this chart awhile back, I have added and taken away some things. No more pop tarts. The eggo's are home made , whole grain waffles, and sometimes I don't let them pick, I just make a batch of muffin's or a bunch of cheesy scrambled eggs!

This is the shopping bag! When I run out of a certain item, I put that magnet into the bag, so next time I run to the store, I can see what I need to grab quickly, without digging through the freezer or cupboards!

 This is the back and the little piece of magnet I used to keep it easy to replace!

I love knowing that I sent her off for a long day of school with a healthy breakfast! I also cook ahead if I have time. Pancakes/waffles freeze really well! I will also prep eggs at night or bake muffin's once the kids go to sleep! That way, I may, if God's smiles down on me, get that extra TEN MINUTES!

2. Time at the table...
I challenge the kids everyday with simple questions like, " How can you be a blessing today?" " Who can you show God's love,too?" " Tell me one friend that you want to be extra kind, too?" "How can I pray for you today?" Things like that get their mind going and they LOVE to share how they are going to let God use them that day and how I can pray for them! And then at night time, I ask them if they did what they said they where going to do! And surprisingly they DO!

3. Read God's word...
I keep a little devotional Bible for "God's Little Princesses." by the table and read a page or two out of that at breakfast and dinner. Again, it keeps us at the table longer and gets them thinking about things other than themselves. And we all need that little reminder,to think of others and not ourselves! 

I'm not joking...sadly!
Then we usually quickly get ready and leave! That is why you will see me, driving like Cruella De Ville, but less puppies and more babies, swerving into the school parking lot, watching mothers grab their children and run for safety. Jump out in pajama bottoms and messed up hair, maybe matching shoes? If you're lucky! And drop my full bellied and hopefully full spirited child off for a day in the world!
* SIDE NOTE: Sunday mornings ALWAYS DONUTS! Nothin' say's, " Can't wait to get up for church!" Like knowing there is a big box of favorite donuts waiting in the kitchen for my kid's! Easiest way to get them moving on a cold, Sunday morning! PLUS- I get to send them to Sunday school and let the teachers deal with them! Mu Ha Ha Ha Ha!!!! 

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Train them in the way they should go...

As a mom who loves the Lord, I also want my children to grow up in the knowledge and grace of him, as well.
I am not a trained child-hood expert, rearing,bible study leading professional, so by trial and error, I have thought of a few different ways to make learning about Jesus exciting! And why shouldn't it be? He healed the sick, raised the dead and best of all gave us the free gift of * eternal life if we believe on Him! I'm so excited, just from writing that sentence!

Many of us relate church and Jesus to boring rituals, sitting for too long and being jabbed in the ribs by mother if we start to doze off...Let's show our kids just how powerful God is, by making His word more understandable to little ears.
 Aside from dinner time, family devotions, I try to incorporate Jesus into all we do. Even craft time!

As I wracked my brain, trying to figure out how best my kids would learn the Bible and enjoy it; I came up with this idea.  I thought I would share it with you. And I know some of you probably allready have done this, but forgive me, I'm a slow learner :)

Bible History Books:

I say 'History' because the words 'bible story', don't sound factual to me! Gods word is our History! Be glad about that with your kids.

We created a History book about 'Noah's Ark.' We read the story together, then each of us set out to color a picture of the story. It was just me and 2 of our girls working on this, so I got assigned with a few more pages, because they are little and it takes a bit longer for them to complete one of their masterpieces! So, ignore my child like drawings! Haha! Here's how the finished product turned out! The girls are so proud of it and read it over and over again!

This last page breelia added as an extra! But, I thought it drove home a good point! Gotta love that child like faith:)  

*Romans 3:23 " For all have sinned and fall short of the
glory of God, and are justified freely by his grace through the redemption that came by Jesus Christ..."

I have more bible time crafts and idea's I will share with you all occasionally, so stay tuned for more easy idea's that you can do with your kiddo's!

Share with me your idea's! I would love to learn what your family does to build up little Soldiers for Christ! And if you are just starting out, Don't worry! God can use whatever we give! Your kid's are never too young ( or old) to learn about Jesus.

Monday, March 28, 2011

Perfectionist...I am NOT.

For those of you who have stopped by unannounced ( It's okay - I still love you!) you can find my house in 1 of 3 states;
1. Disaster.
3.Messy, but trying to get clean!

With 4 kid's under 1000 square feet, messes are just going to happen! I have tried to learn a few tricks (still learning!) and although I am farrrr from an organizational guru, or anyone for that matter that should be even talking about this, I know I always appreciate when I learn new things that help our family function, so I thought I would share what I have implemented in our house.

My dear friend, Tara ( Dubbed 'Queen Organization' by me!) has great tips at her blog under tidie whities. I have stolen a few tricks of the trade from her as well! Hey! Who says you can't teach an unhouse broke, messy old dog new tricks?

Cupboards: Not enough cupboards for how much I need to cram into them!

In my pantry I found stacking my cans for cooking/ veggies/ fruit was getting me no where, as our pantry was deep, but not wide. I was always re-buying things that I still had, hidden behind the can of tomato soup no one ever wants to eat! So, at a garage sale, I picked up a few lazy suzannes( I feel bad calling her that! :) and VOILA! I can stack a couple high, and spin to see what we have on the shelf! I would recommend grabbing a few lazy's. I also have used them in our cabinet that keeps our medicines, vitamins and spices! Makes finding things much, much easier!

Next, I too, enjoy clear plastic storage containers, labeled, so my kids can see what snacks are available. I also have an old fruit basket, I set boxes and such things that I haven't got any storage containers left for, in the basket, that way, in the deep pantry, I can reach in and slide out the bin and see whats back there!
 You can see, I use 'Hello My Name Is..." labels. My sister in law, Abigale gave me that idea and I LOVE IT! It's very easy to just slap another sticker over top of the old ones when changing out snacks, plus they are about .97 cents at walmart, much cheaper than any other label you can find!
 this is the fruit basket, pulled out, that you can see in the above picture, to the right.

 Our hallway acts as a storage space, with a small shelf that stores some of  the kid's fun stuff. Mr & Mrs. Potato head neatly stashed in a clear container, nail polishes and play dough! Since our bathroom has no linen closet, a basket of pull ups and some t.p dawn the bottom shelf!
The girls bedroom is very, very small and with three of them sharing  a room, we lack space and organization! These little pink tote store different play.  I was sO pumped to find this 'horsie bin' at Fleet Farm last Christmas, to pile all their barbie horses in!

 I label ( and attempt ) a drawing on the tote. That way if they are unable to read, they can see by the picture, what goes in the tote. This works great and provides 'No excuse's' for the lazy gal, who would love to claim," I didn't know dress up and my lil' ponies didn't go in the same spot!"

 If you have a sticker with what is in the box, I would recommend that as well- Dollar Tree has just about any sticker for any character known to man ( and some that are not! Gotta love Dollar Tree!)
 The top box is all their small Disney Princesses, and even tho it is not labeled this, they know because of the sticker :)
 Hobby Lobby, will be the death of me, but I could not resist these HOT PINK trunks on clearance! They work great for storing the girls' fake food and dishes and grocery store stuff!

It's SO much more fun to play when the toys are right there, and you don't have to dig for hours to find all the pieces! Makes clean up so simple too. If ( IF! I mean, it always is!!) the room get's really bad, being that sometimes all 3 girls take a different tote out, I set the totes out on the floor, open the lids and they run around, dropping toys into whichever tote that toy belongs too! Has cut cleaning room time from about an hour to maybe ten minutes! Hope you can use some of these tips and I would LOVE to hear your tips as well!!!

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

I Don't Feel Pretty Today...

Do you ever have one of those days? You know, the one where you stay in your yoga stretchy pants, a frumpy sweater with snot smears from your baby dried on it and some drops of lunch splattered along the sleeve? When your eyebrows look like a leaf from some wild amazon jungle & your armpits are starting to look like a CHIA pet experiment gone wrong? When you go to shave your legs and a ladies razor won't do the job, but maybe a machete or hacksaw? When the make up hasn't left its case and your face is proof that you can make small children frightened without it? Yeah, one of those days...

I have to admit, I was having one of those days...

I hate that!

I have been home bound for 4 days with a very sick nine month old. I love the time with my kid's and thank God no one else is sick, but I think we all had a touch of cabin fever.

You see every time I get dressed, I get puked on. After awhile you learn, no nice clothes! Every time I put the baby down, she nice hair or make up! And every time I want to pout and say ' Poor! Poor! Pitiful me!' my children take up that attitude as well, and then things get really ugly!

What made me the ugliest attitude! I tried to stay thankful and grateful, but some times a girl can break! 

Tonight as I tucked the babies in, after a long, rough day, my three year old who has been a source of aggravation today, climbed on my lap, hugged and kissed me and said, " Momma, I love you. And I will be better tomorrow."


I promised I would be, too.

Kid's have a way of revealing our ugliest deciever. Our hearts.

So, beyond the messy hair and deodorant- less pits, the unbrushed teeth and the breath that resembled that of a basset hounds, I realized the worst part of me was my attitude and my heart. I apologized and made things right. I prayed and asked God for a new perspective. I am thankful his word says, 'His mercies are new every morning!'

So, tomorrow, whether or not I get all dolled up, I will be beautiful, it just may be from the INSIDE out!

Monday, March 21, 2011

Just a Simple Plan...

"Blessed are the flexible, for they shall not get bent out of shape!" A saying that pops into my mind as I get 'bent out of shape'.

Having kids has taught me many, many things. Like, clothes right side in-way overrated! Eating when your food is hot! Who needs it! Dried snot on your sleeve is actually a 'mom accessories!' Who knew all these things AND more could be 'socially' acceptable in my mom mind! 

One of the best things having kids has taught me, is roll with the punches! Punches in the feel of 3:30 a.m. wake up calls, " Mom! I need you to rub my back!" Wish I could get a free massage at 3:30 a.m.! And big, poopy  blow out diapers, right as you leave the house! Ah, a Simple plan is a distant memory!

When your kids watch you go through the ups & downs of life, and NOT get bent out of shape and still *'rejoice in the Lord always' ( 'and again, I say rejoice!' Do you think there was a reason it was repeated?) It will impact how they handle life's struggles. Not just the bumps in the roads or the crying over spilled milk, but the hard stuff; death, lies and failures.

I always put in the back of my mind, whatever I have planned for the day, it is very possible it could change!
 Because it happens...almost everyday.

Laundry was suppose to get done - but a friend you haven't seen stops over and you have a great time chatting! An afternoon planned for housekeeping, gets interrupted by a cuddly 3 year old, with her favorite book, and you get a few precious moments together. A gourmet meal ( this includes anything NOT Hamburger Helper!!)  gets burnt and a family fun night, eating Pizza Hut on the living room floor, makes memories that are locked in the deepest part of your heart.

So, next time plans get changed, stop & think, " Ok! Cool! I can do this! How can you use me, Lord, in this new plan?" I admit, as a woman this can be really, really ( did I mention, ReAlLy?!!!) hard to do, but next time I'm hit with an unplanned situation, I'm gonna sit back, relax and go with it!

* Philippians 4:4 " Rejoice in the Lord always. I will say it again: Rejoice! Let your gentleness be evident to all. The Lord is near." 

Proverbs 19:21 "Many are the plans in a mans heart, but it is the Lords purpose that prevails."

Psalms 20:4 " May the Lord give you the desires of your heart and make all your plans succeed."

Saturday, March 19, 2011

What makes my house a home...

This week has been trying for me in some sense of the words...
You see, I come equipped ( and you probably do too) with a little thing called a 'discontentment' factor. I know! I know! Shameful to think a christian woman who really does pursue Christ & want to be more like him, being something as sinful as discontent! Bare with me, here...

Our house is TINY ( we are talking 2 bedrooms for 6 people! And if you count the 2 cats and 1 dog that think they are human, well, that's 9!!) So, my awesome husband and I are adding on. I love this idea, but would rather build. Every time I see one of my friends NeW houses, I have to wipe the drool that has inevitably trickled down my chin, as I stand in awe, at a finished house ( TRIMMED UP & EVERYTHING!) where children don't have to be triple stacked and cupboards are organized because, well, they have more than 5! 

Living in such a teeny, tiny house has made me resent it more than anything. I get angry that the closets can't fit all our clothes and the bathroom has no linen closet and our entry room consist of a flight of stairs straight down to the basement, so NO room for coats and shoes! I get frustrated when my husband doesn't understand that a woman's house is her HOME & she puts alot of energy and work into it, and that's hard to do when the kids have to play in the living room for space, because the bedroom has 3 beds in it, so I am forever cleaning up toys out of the living room and kitchen! 

Mainly, I get frustrated because deeply rooted in my heart is an 'I deserve better' attitude that is creeping out and making me resent my precious home.

God called me out on that one,when he poked at my heart, as I begrudgingly thought about a great idea for us to build and my sensible husband hasn't jumped for joy, telling me " Best Idea EVER!" and started drawing up plans for a house that at least had a laundry room on the main floor, not tucked down in the basement, where cobwebs and angry spiders lurk!

And let me share, I am so thankful He did poke at my heart.

In my quiet anger about the less than brand new vehicale I drive and the 'cramped- for -space house fit' I was having, I felt God challenging me to embrace what He has so graciously blessed me with.

So, I am thankful for the hallway that displays my children's art work and painted birdhouses and noodle necklaces. I am thankful that even though we have 6 and our kitchen table only fits 4, so we drag a chair to dinner every time we eat, that we sit and eat as a family, pray and laugh together, and talk about our Lord. I am thankful that the smears from the dogs nose on the sliding glass door, begging to come in and the hand prints from a little crawling baby, that sits on the other side of the door, pounding away at the dog, are there. I am thankful that instead of bar stools under our island/counter we have three big ponies that the girls ride around the house. I am thankful that the corners of our walls are chipped up, from long winters when I let them bring in their bikes and ride around the house and they take a corner too quick!
I am thankful for the closet door, that doubles as a growth chart and how I have watched them grow over the last 3 years at this house, and how it breaks my heart at the same time, to know, someday they'll be grown...

I am so thankful for everything, but so thankful when I trick myself into thinking how little I have, God opens my eyes ( and mostly my heart) and reminds me of just how MUCH I have been blessed...

Be thankful, too.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Well, My Son.....

I often find my self comparing my kids. Sometimes at how much better they are than other kid's and sometimes at how much I wish they could be as good as other kids.
I know that is wrong, I'm not stupid. But, I think as parents we have these great expectations sometimes that even our kids can't meet and we lose sight of the important things when they fail at our measuring stick.

As I read in Luke Chapter 1 the other day, and marveled at the story of John and his coming about,   I thought , " Wow! How Cool!" 

How cool would it be to have an angel show up, when you are 'well in years'  & having a barren wife( verse7)
and tell you, basically, You're Kids gonna be the best kid on the block!

I know when I was pregnant an angel never appeared to me saying all the great things that good ol' Gabe told Old Man, Zacky. No one promised me a 'child that would bring joy & delight' (vs.14) and that ' MANY ( not a few family & friends....but MANY!) 'Would rejoice over his birth', and that he would be 'Great in the sight of the Lord'. The kicker for me was, ' He will never take wine or fermented drink.'(vs.15) Well, that little bit of info would save alot of parents ALOT of worrying throughout the teenage years! Man, if at least 1 in 10 babies came with that extra PLUS, how great would that be?! 

The Chapter goes on to say He will be filed with the Holy Spirit even from birth! And he will turn many hearts of the people of Israel back to the Lord, and he will go before the Lord to change hearts!

Wow...If I was Sweet old Elizabeth, I would have kicked up my heals and maybe not have cared so much if I was going to badly screw up my kid, well, because he came with a PROMISE!

The part that got me was when Zechariah questioned Gabriel, " How can I be sure of this? I am an old man and my wife is well along in years." ( vs. 18)

First off, lets break this down:
A: Way to go, Zack, for NOT saying your wife was an OLD lady, but taking the gentle route 'well in years' and not re hashing the whole 'barren' thing,which we know she felt was a disgrace (vs.25)
B: You can never judge someone for not having kids, or only a few. It may not be a 'selfish' decision, it may be the path God has allowed in their life, for whatever reason.
C: Gabriel didn't like that Zacky boy doubted what he was telling him and caused Zechariah to be mute          ( without speech) until Johns birth, because AN ANGEL OF THE LORD APPEARED TO YOU - SENT FROM GOD - WITH THIS GOOD NEWS - AND YOU STILL QUESTION IF I'M LEGIT? Boy- that was some stupid stuff comin' outta your mouth - shut up for, let's say...9 months!(vs.19-20)
D: I'm Zack....

You see, the thing is, our kids are a joy & delight. God can use them in amazing ways we can't even imagine, he can use them to bring many to his saving grace and love and yet we still question, " Are you for real God? You can't possibly use my lil' Junior who wets the bed every night and still sucks his thumb and is missing his front tooth....really Lord? Maybe you should check the neighbors kid's, they are really good Christians and I'm pretty sure their little Sally got baptized last month..."

Oh, be amazed Parent's...for God can & will use our children, despite our downfall's and in spite of how much we love them and believe in them and teach them about our loving master...

Thankfully, God hasn't seen fit to press the 'MUTE' button on my yapper for all the doubting I do. So, let the words of my mouth be pleasing to you, O' Lord. Let the Love for my children believe all things and hope all things, because with You, all things ( not some or just a few) are possible.

Now, go hug your kid and tell them, In Christ Alone, they can be world changers :)