Friday, May 13, 2011

I'm Leaving My Husband & Children...


You heard me! That's right! Don't TRY to talk me out of it! I'm outta here...
Ever have one of those nights?...days....hour! Haha! 

By leaving...I mean, leaving to just get the heck outta dodge for a run, walk, shopping spree ( with all the coins you dug out of the washer for the last two years and any un-expired coupons!)

I have heard more than ONE gasp, when I freely share with other mothers that I leave once in awhile! The look of stunned emotions, and sheer disbelief  that I would leave my children, fruit of my womb, bone of my bones, flesh of my flesh and go OUT and DO something! 

Sometimes it sounds like this, " YIPPEE!" or the squealing of the tires and stray cats dodging for cover as I nearly miss them with my Bridgestones going full speed down the road. Or it can sound like sobbing children, begging me to stay because, they LOVE me so much. Either way, it sounds like, FREEDOM to me. Yep, I said it. Don't judge me. You know if you had a chance and could shake the 'mom guilt' feeling that sweeps over you like a Nebraskan wind on an open plane, you would do it too. 

If you are a 'Stay at Home ' mother and have literally taken that title to the extreme measure that your children will immediately die of starvation if you even walk to the mailboxes, let me encourage you...THEY WON'T! And you will be better for getting out.

And if you're really lucky...take that man you married ( you remember him, right? The guy who helped make Junior and Sally...) out on a date. Shave your legs ( FOR GOSH SAKES!) put down the seats in the minivan and hang a little sign on the door..." If the Vans a rockin', don't come a knockin'..."

Enjoy a night out once in awhile :) It truly makes you a better mom, gives you that extra splash of patience and you really, truly do remember that you miss that little crusty- boogered face, with dirt smears and ketchup in the corner of his mouth baby, that you thought surely would never survive for ten minutes without you.

Over the next few blogs, I want to dig into Proverbs 31 and really see what God's word is calling us to do as woman who follow and serve him. I'll be doing this in chunks. So, follow along as I too, learn more about what God created us to be as moms, wives, sisters, daughters and HIS creation!  

*No children where hurt in the making of this blog. Children and their parents are encourage to have many family fun nights together and Parents are encouraged to love them whole heartidley.If you leave for the evening and your child suddenly becomes sick and throws up, please do your babysitter a favor and return home. If you expierence any weakness and abdominal pain upon leaving the house and dining out, please do not try the Chinease place again. If these symptons persist it is likely you will not get 'lucky' on date night and therefore you may want to seek an additional date night, for the following week.  Please consult someone fun, before going out so you can be assured you have a great night. If your fun last more than 4 hours, pay the sitter extra.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Happy Mother's Day, Mom! Now here's your complimentary stretch marks, saggy boobs and 'Wide load rear end'!

Mother's day is upon us!

I think us mother's should be kept in a category quite close to Jesus Christ himself. We are selfless, sacrificial and our body has been crucified ( i.e. post pregnancy). We are spit on, sneezed on, puked on and peed on. We are not found humorous, when we do our goofy dances, but found hilarious when trip with arms full of grocery bags and spill them across the drive way. We are car pools, and fishing turds- out- of- the kiddie pool moms. We are wearing our shirts backwards sometimes, because we have so many little people to get ready, we forget to get ourselves ready. We are showing up late moms, because newborn decided to test ( and win) the 'Leakguard protection' GUARANTEE on the package of diapers we bought. We are hiding while we eat a piece ( or in my case...BAG) of chocolate, from our tiny chocolate radar detecting munchkins, just so we don't have to share with 4 - 5 other chirping mouths! We are moms, who once where against it, would do anything to be able to afford a boob job! Because honey, this MOM  would love a bra that lifts and separates, NOT sorts and fold!

We are moms, we rock! 

Oh, yes. We do.

So, here's to all the moms that have rocked my 'Mommy - world' just by being in it! Have a great mother's Day and remember, you inspire, create, love and encourage all of us to be better!

Here's to the mom who cleans up blueberry puke on white carpet at 1 a.m.-Heidi Z.

Here's to all the working moms, that work all day, come home and still find time to love and cherish their kids, make dinner and maybe sweet lovin' to their husbands!
-Kary J. Jenny O. Katie D.Kim S. Ali S. Kaylie S. Heather Z. Heidi Zi. Elisabeth D.Nicole M.Teri T. Shannon G.Tanya B.Karie G.

Here's to the moms who crack me up and keep my light hearted! - Lisa R. Lovie B. Ann R. Rochelle V. Melissa H. Diana N.Mary A. Jenny E

Here's to the mom, who someday, if her house isn't flooded first, and the ceilings DON'T cave in from water damage, will have a plumber son, who will get paid good money to play with toilets!- Tara C.

Here's to the mom who's adorable, blond headed boy, threw  a smoothie in my house, and she stayed so calm and cool as her and her hubby cleaned a purple mix of fruity goodness off my walls, and continues to grow in patience and kindness as a mom - Lindsey Z.

Here's to all the moms, that thought 'outside of the box' and went beyond their families and children to bring love to orphans, and care for them and raise them with the same love that our father in heaven loves us with! - Sarah M. Christine N. Jodi M. Michelle W. Brandi G.Stephanie S. Steph Z.

Here's to the moms, who encourage me to eat more chocolate and take it easy when life gets too tough! - Trina T. Jessica T.

Here's to the (almost new moms) or just became new mommies! I love watching you bloom into this beautiful creation, called 'Momma' - Abigale M. Savanna D. Valerie R. Sarah K. Jennifer B. Charity B. Fritzi M. Stephanie C. Ashley K. Anne N.

Here's to the moms, that have brought a step child under their wings and guidance and treated them no less, than a perfect match and fit in that family - Joni G. Jodie H.

Here's to the mom, who sold all her baby stuff, swore there would be NO more and found out she was 3 months pregnant with number 4! Addy has been the biggest blessing to her momma's heart and changed that family only for the better! Lisa G.

Here's to all the homeschooling moms, who put their heart into all they do, even when it's tough and the world is throwing stones, you stick to your beliefs and the love of your kids, and do what so many of us couldn't! Deni Y. Gretchen I.Heather H.Gina C. Kara L. Rebeckah K. Becky R. Janyl A.Ruth J. Heidi Z.April T. Tricia S. 

Here's to all the single moms, who do it all! Wipe butts and take names! Lisa M. Dawn S. Kayla S. Tami S.Ricarda B.

Here's to all the Pastor's wives, that show me that God has called us to more than macaroni, but to train up our children and foster that love for Jesus! Jen B Jen J. Sue A. Rachel L.

Here's to some of the smartest moms I know. They could change a diaper and give you a scientific name for the 'stuff'. I usually can't keep up with you when you talk, but you are some smart ladies and I am too blond! - Rychel W. Gina H.

Here's to the mom, whose kids are grown, but she takes on the grandbaby, because no matter what season of life you are in, love is always blooming! - Marie M.

Here's to a mom, who has more babies in heaven to hold, than here on earth, but continues to touch the hearts of so many because of her losses. - Shelly A.

Here's to the mom, who does it alone, because her husband is serving our country and she supports our freedom, and does not selfishly hold him back, but encourages him and is proud of the man that he is!- Shannon C.

Here's to the moms that could come over, when I'm in my p.j.'s, folding laundry, sink full of dishes and still have morning breath, and they would not judge me, but laugh with me about the pig sty I live in! - Kerry H. Brittany I.

And here's to the moms, who inspire me by the way they love on their babies and are always encouraging me!
Marie M. Melissa F. Kathlyn G. Bekah B. Jenny F. Heather J. Susie W. Jessica H.

I hope I didn't forget anyone...If I did, 'Mommy brain' can be blamed!

Here's to me...a mom... up past bedtime ;) Good night lovely mothers! You done dang good! Happy Mother's Day! I love you !

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

The Tragedy of a BIG FAMILY...

Growing up, I dreamed of having several children, and a big barn to keep my husband in...( I was 7 , sheesh! Things have changed!) 
I had 'real' babies, and played 'babies' all the time, because if you called my babies, 'dolls', you would get the stone cold silent treatment, followed up with tears and a sassy lecture! Which would end with you apologizing to make things right and never, ever calling my babies, dolls again!

Over the years, I have noticed my 'opinion' on BIG families has changed quite a bit. And although, at times I can't handle the four I have, ( admit it! Even if you have JUST ONE, it can be hard to handle!) the thought of a big family hasn't left my heart.

With five pregnancies and 4 live births in 6 years, my husband and I have started praying about if God would allow us the blessing of another child. If it was His will and not just us wanting another baby.

Our reasons for NOT wanting more, where simple...selfishness;
1. We all ready have our hands full with 4
2. We'll have to get a bigger vehicle.
3. The girls are getting bigger, where we can just up and leave and not be so tied down...
4. Less FREE time with another baby, attached to my boob.
5. Big families seem to get wildly out of control.
6. The & clothes! 

I had observed 'Big' families and saw a lot of them that I really admired...and then those that I did not.
I am not a 'Where's my kid? Oh well..." kind of a mother. Who would rather let other people deal with the discipline of my children, because they are running wild and I have NO idea where they are.
Or the 'rolling of the eyes' mother...who gets the 'rolls' when her kids are making such a clatter and being such a disturbance, that everyone is  HOPING you'll decide to get your tubes tied before your next ovulation!

Although, I am sure my 4 have caused the above, I probably just haven't realized it! 

I really , really struggled with this decision...should we or shouldn't we?

I prayed and we prayed and he prayed...nothing. We gave ourselves time limits and basically gave God time limits. And the more we prayed the harder it was to parent the 4 we had. Everything kept coming up! Puking kids, everyone waking up all night, disobedience at it's worst, sassiness, in general, all the bad and none of the good in child rearing!

But, we handled it. Even if I wasn't perfect, even if he wasn't perfect, we still handled it.

And no joke, one day a peace came over me and it was as clear as day, " Yes, we should have more!"

Why? Because there is blessings in our children! The bible Say's so! Doesn't mean they can't cause pain and trials, but the bible promises that they are a blessing!

As my awesome cousin Kerry Horn's Pastor said, " If God gave you a financial blessing, would you say, 'no thanks God.?" Absolutely NOT! You would empty your purse of any tampons, lipsticks, loose change, stamps and expired coupons and say, " MORE PLEASE!!!"

Well, children are MORE of a blessing from God than any amount of money.

And I am pleased to announce, that about a week later, Jared got the same peace from God.

I didn't push it or beg, because I knew if what I was feeling was from God, that he would feel it too. In fact when he told me that he wanted more, I really questioned him and threw out all the 'worst case scenario's!' He did not care. He was ready to receive that blessing that we have had before and continues on with our children now.

Now, this being said, we are NOT pregnant, but we will try. God may have other plans for us, I do not know. I am just letting God know that we are willing to go there again, if he chooses to use us that way.

I hesitate to share this news because I know 'everyone has an opinion' and if you compare us to the Duggars, I will have to hurt you. Please keep your nasty opinions to yourself. What's right for us, may not be what God has called from you. Big families are NOT for everyone and Rude comments are NOT for me!

The 'Tragedy of a Big Family' is mostly the greed that is deep seeded in our hearts, the want for more...more money, more time, more me! I don't judge people for small families, that may be where God has placed that family. But, If you're only reason for having 1.5 kids is because you can't go out an buy a new snowmobile every year and you want to retire at age 50 with a nice condo up north, then I would really, really check what your idea of a blessing is.

Following God and abiding in His word is the best blessing! Listening to the heart of God when he calls to us, is the best blessing! If you have children, they too, are the BEST blessing! 

p.s. I really like the Duggars :)