Friday, May 13, 2011

I'm Leaving My Husband & Children...


You heard me! That's right! Don't TRY to talk me out of it! I'm outta here...
Ever have one of those nights?...days....hour! Haha! 

By leaving...I mean, leaving to just get the heck outta dodge for a run, walk, shopping spree ( with all the coins you dug out of the washer for the last two years and any un-expired coupons!)

I have heard more than ONE gasp, when I freely share with other mothers that I leave once in awhile! The look of stunned emotions, and sheer disbelief  that I would leave my children, fruit of my womb, bone of my bones, flesh of my flesh and go OUT and DO something! 

Sometimes it sounds like this, " YIPPEE!" or the squealing of the tires and stray cats dodging for cover as I nearly miss them with my Bridgestones going full speed down the road. Or it can sound like sobbing children, begging me to stay because, they LOVE me so much. Either way, it sounds like, FREEDOM to me. Yep, I said it. Don't judge me. You know if you had a chance and could shake the 'mom guilt' feeling that sweeps over you like a Nebraskan wind on an open plane, you would do it too. 

If you are a 'Stay at Home ' mother and have literally taken that title to the extreme measure that your children will immediately die of starvation if you even walk to the mailboxes, let me encourage you...THEY WON'T! And you will be better for getting out.

And if you're really lucky...take that man you married ( you remember him, right? The guy who helped make Junior and Sally...) out on a date. Shave your legs ( FOR GOSH SAKES!) put down the seats in the minivan and hang a little sign on the door..." If the Vans a rockin', don't come a knockin'..."

Enjoy a night out once in awhile :) It truly makes you a better mom, gives you that extra splash of patience and you really, truly do remember that you miss that little crusty- boogered face, with dirt smears and ketchup in the corner of his mouth baby, that you thought surely would never survive for ten minutes without you.

Over the next few blogs, I want to dig into Proverbs 31 and really see what God's word is calling us to do as woman who follow and serve him. I'll be doing this in chunks. So, follow along as I too, learn more about what God created us to be as moms, wives, sisters, daughters and HIS creation!  

*No children where hurt in the making of this blog. Children and their parents are encourage to have many family fun nights together and Parents are encouraged to love them whole heartidley.If you leave for the evening and your child suddenly becomes sick and throws up, please do your babysitter a favor and return home. If you expierence any weakness and abdominal pain upon leaving the house and dining out, please do not try the Chinease place again. If these symptons persist it is likely you will not get 'lucky' on date night and therefore you may want to seek an additional date night, for the following week.  Please consult someone fun, before going out so you can be assured you have a great night. If your fun last more than 4 hours, pay the sitter extra.


  1. As usual, Shay--I'm ROLLING on the floor. How do you do it? Hurts SO GOOD!!

  2. HAHAHAAA! Tara! Like I said before, I have learned from the best! ( YOU!!!) Thanks hun!!!

  3. You're just BIASED but LOVE you still!

  4. Hello! Been awaiting another Shay blog!! Going through withdrawls here...