Tuesday, June 10, 2014

My constant, fervent prayer...Dear Jesus, please dont let any unexpected guest stop by right now. Amen.

Pick a day.
Any day.
I feel 5 loads of laundry behind!
I am in constant "prayer" ( maybe more like 'pleading'!) With Jesus as I go about my day...
some of them go like this...
" Please help HER to not end up in juvie!"
" Help me not to yell. Help me not to yell. Help me...StOp fIgHtInG gIrLs!!!...please forgive me for yelling."
" I'm just asking you to return in your glory before I have to try to figure out what to make for dinner."
"Help the money to miraculously stretch until next pay day...which is only 9 days from now!"
" Please help HIM not to get sick from licking his fingers after he touched that turtle."

Please tell me as a mom you've offered some of these classics up?
I find myself really praying one doozy over and over again.
"Dear Sweet, wonderful, merciful Lord, if you REALLY love me, you will direct Un wanted visitors past my house. It's a disaster. I'll be embarressed. They'll think all kinds of terrible things of me. I haven't even gotten my makeup on yet. The kids hair needs brushed. Please Lord. Hear my cries!"
The other day I was praying this incredibly selfish prayer,  maybe even this Baptist girl was praying it in tongues, it was a blurr. I just know there may have been promises being made to the almighty about offering up my first born as a living sacrafice if he kept PeOpLe aWaY!
When it occurred to me how ridiculous I was being,
The verse,  " Come to me all who are weary and heavy burdened and I will give you rest." ( Matt 11:28) if my take on serving others was more like Jesus' I wouldnt be so fReAkeD out about it they seen my house messy,  or if I was a MESS. It would only matter how I loved on my company, offering rest,  like Jesus.
Now Jesus meant this in a different way.  He can carry us.  He can give us rest.  We can rest in knowing he saved us and is fighting our battles and taking all our needs into his hands.
Even the fact that I'm worried someone might stop by and see my messy house?
uhm. Thanks God!
I sometimes forget that I have 5 kids living here,  and on any given day,  extra cuties running around with them. Along with a small farm of critters! There is never a spotless, perfect moment to be at my house! Even though I wish that,  so people could stand back,  as I conquer the world and be marveled at in my Superwoman Cape and super sexxy tights ( Oh yeah! I have great legs in this vision, too!) And be in awe of my...well, awesomeness.
But, back in reality. I'm a mom. Doing the best I can, praying many prayers, recieving Gods grace in truck loads as I usually don't get it right or Mark my checklist off in a day, but rather a month! And that's ok!
So, stop by anytime!
Messy OR not ( it will be messy, don't worry!) ALL are welcome and gonna get loved on while they are here!

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