Tuesday, July 15, 2014

How I lost my 'SuperMom' title...

A few years back, My hubs and I prayerfully considered Homeschooling.
It was such a great adventure and I enjoyed that time with my kids, watching them grow and learn and being there alongside of them.
Recently,  we also, prayerfully decided to send our 3 oldest girls to a private, Christian school here in our town. One my husband and his dad attended growing up.
Although, I know I'll miss my kids beyond belief, I really feel at peace with this decision...well, until I opened my mouth and started telling fellow- home school moms.
I wasn't expecting what I got.
It wasn't just the subtle. Like, when I posted a fb status about our excitement for the following school year and how the girls would be attending school and maybe 1
of my HS Moms could comment with a 'congrats' or even dare hit 'Like'. I got the hint.
I had betrayed EVeRytHiNg we stood for. I really didn't,  but hear me out.
It was more of the "Why on earths!" And sheer stunned looks of panic that I was literally throwing my innocent, pure of heart children into the mouths of rabid wolves.
Oh! I know! It kind of reminded me of when we first told people years ago that we were Homeschooling! Ha! Funny how everyone has an opinion, I guess I just didn't expect it from woman who claim encouragement and that their kids are better off in their care, because they can teach them how to be better people.
Of course, part of that is teaching them if you don't HS, you're half a mom as everyone who does. Right?
Thats the vibe a lot of HS Moms are throwing out there.
It doesn't matter if you prayed about it, you really should've considered how this makes other HS Moms look. Of course I'm kidding. But let's be honest,  some of you are thinking it.
I just want to clarify, I didn't sign any documents in blood when I started. I didn't barter with the devil over my soul. I did however,  realize there are things I can do relatively well, and HS is not one of them, so instead of jipping my kids on education and not being  able to help my kid who struggles, because of HS pride, I prayed and Gods guidance helped us with our decisions.  I'm not explaining this as a defensive mechanism,  because I could seriously care.less. about what people think. I'm explaining it so next time a HS family decides to send their kids, hopefully, some quick to judge comment or causual defriending won't be our knee jerk reaction. Hopefully,  encouragement and an extra prayer for that family making tough decisions will go up.
I haven't closed the book on HS. I want to better educate myself on how to teach incase the opportunity arises again, but for now, this is our aWEsoMe decision.
{& p.s. Thanks to the very few HS Moms who have loved me through this decision with prayer and encouragement.  May we all be more like you!}

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